MSP NATURE 2021 • Online Conference

Nature Conservation in Marine Spatial Planning:
how to reconcile human activities with ecological functions


Tuesday | 19.01.2021


Welcome & Opening

Katrin Prinz (BfN)
Matthias Steitz (BMU)
Gerold Janssen (IOER)


Keynote & Discussion

David Johnson, Seascape Consultants Ltd
"Global view on protection and use of marine areas - practical examples from different marine zones"


Coffee break


Panel Discussion

Larisa Danilova, Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak NorthWest (ErmakNW), Russia
Expert for the Russian marine Waters

Cormac Walsh
Expert for the Dutch North Sea

Dan Amir, environmental planning LTD,
Expert for the area of Israel's Mediterranean Waters

Kai Trümpler, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
Expert for the German EEZ)*


Coffee break


 Session 1: Fundamentals - Legal and planning framework for Marine Spatial Planning

Gerold Janssen, Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER)

Wednesday | 20.01.2021




 Keynote & Discussion

Daniel Taukie, Izaac Wilman, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.
"Giving Inuit Opportunities with Research and Mitigation for Marine Monitoring and Technological Advances"


Coffee break


 Session 2: Marine Nature Conservation

Maike Kramer, Jochen Krause, Axel Kreutle and Matthias Steitz, BioConsult/BfN
"Spatial protection measures under the MSFD: more than just Natura 2000 – a chance for MSP"

Stephan Garthe, FTZ, Kiel University
"Spatial needs to protect seabirds and migrating birds: Insights from German marine waters"


Coffee break


Kerstin Schiele, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW)
"Spatial requirements for Benthic communities"

Ida Carlen, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB)
"Spatial protection of Harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea"



Lunch break

Breakout Session A

Concepts and approaches towards an EBA

Erich Meletzky,
Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Namibia
"The EBSA Process within the BCLME - a focus on synergies across borders"

Aline Kühl Stenzel et al., NABU
"Observations from the MSP process in Germany’s Exclusive Economic Zone: gaps and challenges in applying the ecosystem approach to marine spatial planning"

Anda Ruskule et al., Baltic Environmental Forum – Latvia
"Mapping marine green infrastructure at the Baltic Sea scale: Pan Baltic Scope approach"

Breakout Session B

Tools towards an EBA

Susanne Altvater et al., s.Pro - sustainable-projects GmbH
"A handbook on Ecosystem-Based Approach in MSP, including SEA"

Florent Nicolas et al., HELCOM
A map service for relevant "MSP data in the Baltic Sea Region: BASEMAPS"

Oscar Törnqvist et al., SGU, Geological Survey of Sweden
"MSP biomodels in a changing climate"

Breakout Session C

Use-related aspects of EBA

Franziska Bils et al., BioConsult SH Germany
"Sustaining marine protection in the light of offshore wind development in the Mediterranean Sea"

Ivana Lukic, Angela Schultz-Zehden, S.Pro - sustainable-projects GmbH
"Generic framework for assessing the sustainability of Ocean multi-use solutions"

Elina Virtanen, Finish Env. Institute
"Balancing profitability of energy production, societal impacts and biodiversity in offshore wind farm design"

from 14.30

Come together

Thursday | 21.01.2021




Report from Breakout Sessions


Keynote & Discussion

Sebastian Unger, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)
"Marine Nature Conservation in the High Seas"


Coffee break

ERASMUS+ Knowledge Flows - Visions for MSP beyond 2021
Presentations & Panel Discussion

Lise Schrøder, Aalborg University, Presentation of the ERASMUS+ Knowledge Flows partnership

Sara Garcia-Morales, University of Lisbon
"Integrating climate change adaptation and sustainable use of the ocean in Marine Spatial Planning"

Josefine Gottschalk, TU Berlin
"Scratching below the surface – Is the Maritime Spatial Planning of the European Union ready for adequate marine conservation?"

Aurelija Armoskaite, Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology / Aalborg University
"Designation of MPAs using the ecosystem service perspective: what and where should be protected and according to whom?"

Kübra Ceviz Sanalan et al., NCC Turkey, Marine and Coastal Protected Area Management towards Maritime Spatial - Planning in Turkey: An Ecosystem Approach Perspective


Conference Summary & Conclusion