MSP NATURE 2021 • Online Conference

Nature Conservation in Marine Spatial Planning:
how to reconcile human activities with ecological functions

Presentations & Videos


Keynote David Johnson, Seascape Consultants Ltd
  Global view on protection and use of marine areas - practical examples from different marine zones

Keynote Sebastian Unger, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)
  Marine Nature Conservation in the High Seas

Panel Dicussion

Session 2: Marine Nature Conservation

  Spatial protection measures under the MSFD: more than just Natura 2000 – a chance for MSP
Maike Kramer, Jochen Krause, Axel Kreutle and Matthias Steitz, BioConsult/BfN

  Spatial protection of Harbour porpoises in the Baltic Sea
Ida Carlen, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB)

Breakout Session A: Concepts and approaches towards an EBA

Breakout Session B: Tools towards an EBA

  A handbook on Ecosystem-Based Approach in MSP, including SEA
Susanne Altvater et al., S.Pro - sustainable-projects GmbH

  A map service for relevant "MSP data in the Baltic Sea Region: BASEMAPS"
Joni Kaitaranta, Florent Nicolas et al., HELCOM

Breakout Session C: Use-related aspects of EBA